Schoolgirl, Martha Payne, and Olympic Gold medal winner, Andy Murray, in race for the title

SCOTSCARE, the charity for Scots in London, has announced the shortlist for Scot of the Year 2012.

Schoolgirl, Martha Payne, famous for her blog about school dinners, which then grew into a fundraising campaign which has raised in excess of £100,000 to help schools in Malawi, is currently in the lead.

She is closely followed by Andy Murray, for his remarkable list of successes in 2012, including winning the US Open and Olympic Gold.

The full shortlist is:

  • Martha Payne: For her fundraising campaign to support schools in Malawi through her great blog
  • Andy Murray: For winning the US Open and becoming the first British Grand Slam Winner since 1936 and also winning Olympic Gold
  • Sir Chris Hoy: For becoming Britain’s most successful Olympian
  • Scottish Olympic athletes: For bringing back 14 medals and showing true tartan spirit
  • Biffy Clyro: For another chart-topping year across the world

Alex Salmond, J K Rowling, Emilié Sande and Rickie Burns were amongst the nominees who didn’t make the shortlist this year. The title has been won previously by Texas star, Ally McErlaine, Susan Boyle and Gerard Butler.

Voting is available on charity website, . The winner will be announced to mark Burns Day on the 25th of January.


ScotsCare is the charity for Scots in London in need, hardship or distress.

For further information contact:

Willie Docherty, CEO

020 7240 3718 / 07984 468488

Contact: Willie Docherty
Phone: 07984468488