The benefits of remote working when bad weather strikes

MANY people battled to make it into their workplace as snow hit the North-east this week, but embracing the latest technology could reduce the impact on business productivity.

Winter weather causes serious problems for businesses throughout the UK, largely caused by the difficulties experienced by commuters. Coupled with school closures, the weather has undoubtedly led to absence levels soaring.

Staff absences can have a huge impact on the productivity of a company and although it may be impossible to avoid the entire impact of severe weather, businesses can take a few simple steps that could make a real difference.

Aberdeen mobile phone specialists, Autosonic, says that businesses should consider introducing systems to allow workers to log on at home, which allows staff to get on with work even if they can’t make the journey in difficult weather conditions.

Account manager, Neil Dow, said: “Communication remains pivotal in running and developing a successful business. If an office with ten or less members of staff has two workers who can’t make it into work, whether it is due to the weather or illness, it can be highly detrimental for a company.

“Offering staff the opportunity to work from home can be highly beneficial to a business as it ensures work still gets carried out and can also boost staff morale as it highlights that bosses trust their employees. It also lets us, as a company, provide a great service to our customers.”

The company offers a range of technology packages to enable staff to work at home and, as they are only one of four Vodaphone Gold Business Partners in Scotland, they can provide Microsoft Office 365, a cloud-based IT solution, which can be used by companies with five to 250 employees.

Mr Dow said: “Different packages offer numerous benefits, but most importantly, cloud-based solutions mean customer reports, files or accounts can all be picked up from home – or anywhere in the world.”

Here’s a rundown of the benefits of working with cloud-based IT solutions.

Double up: Two people can work on something at the same time but be in different places. For instance, if someone was stuck at home because of bad weather they could access a document and work on it even though someone in the office was using it.

Face-to-face: Packages are tailored specifically for business use and have online conferencing built-in, meaning staff don’t have to miss out on important meetings as face-to-face interviews can be done online using their computers. Depending on how big the office is, the facility means staff can send instant messages to each other in the building instead of having to phone.

Easy access: The technology also offers easy web access and provides secure access to emails and  documents, which allows staff to open emails on any computer, mobile, or tablet wherever they are – making it extremely accessible. It can be really handy if they forget to put an out of office on when they leave work as they can log on and do it from home. It also allows users to have two different out of office messages sent at the same time – an internal one to colleagues and another to contacts.

Save the date: Staff can also access their computer calendar from home, helping to ensure they don’t miss any important meetings they had scheduled.

Autosonic was established in 1986 and supplies all forms of communication and mobile phone technology, along with car security systems, Bluetooth and the latest cloud based IT solutions and technology.

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