Top employer awards for epilepsy

HAVING a great place to work brings benefits, from a wage to self-worth and well-being. So help us find employers who go ‘that extra mile’ for any employee with epilepsy.

We are looking for the Scottish workplace, micro or macro, whose support is second to none. Simply tell us the practical things being done to make sure epilepsy is not a barrier for people working in your organisation. Share the difference this makes to the whole workforce. In return, we pledge to award and honour the most outstanding commitment to epilepsy shown by these employers.

We have chosen to launch this award on 14 February as St Valentine is patron saint for epilepsy. Every employer in Scotland can raise awareness using our free best practice certificate. Having this on display also shows the organisation matches its procedures with Equality Act guidelines. It demonstrates your belief in treating employees as individuals and your care for the workforce no matter how big or small.

Both employees and employers can propose their organisation for a best practice certificate (available all year round) and for the award until its closing date of 26 March, coinciding with International Purple Day to raise general epilepsy awareness. Go ahead and get national recognition if your place of work is tops for epilepsy care.

Details on freephone 0808 800 2200 or go online:


Contact: Allana Parker