Mark Gorman Writes About – The Coors Ad Falling Foul of the ASA

To ban or not to ban, that is the question.

Arguably Scotland’s finest advertising agency, The Leith Agency, is no stranger to ad police, the Advertising Standards Authority, the ASA. For years, its highly controversial Irn Bru campaign has caused outrage.

The pages of the ASA’s website are chockful of case studies.

For instance, a scantily-clad model suggests that she never knew 4-and-a-half inches could give her so much pleasure…

A cow wishes she was a burger so that she could be washed down by Irn Bru – provoking a flood of complaints, 600 in all, but no ban.

A 30-something housewife claiming her two favourite things in life are Irn Bru and dick, causing barely a…

An old fusty declaring that he loves Irn Bru and so do his bitches (of a canine variety). Again,….

The launch of Irn Bru 32, with Derek The Cukoo, led to another flood of complaints about the aggressive nature of the commercial – from, amongst others, Strathclyde Police and Glasgow Royal Infirmary’s A and E dept. No ban this time, either.

But at last, the ASA has got our champions of ‘having a go’ with a sucker punch over a TV ad for Coors Light lager that presents two men singing about the beer in a Jamaican accent and performing goofy dance moves, including martial arts poses, and pretending to be a bear.

The lyrics include: “Hear me now! You taste so light just like an eagle wing, up high in the Rockies gonna do ma ting. You taste so light just like the arctic air, ice cold from the land of the grizzly bear.”

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