A Potpourri of Politics

Is there no sense of decorum left among the Scottish political hacks?

The Sunday Herald, in its diary from the SNP conference in Perth, pointed out that there was a fair amount of good craic at the media conference on Saturday.

It revealed: “Brian Taylor, BBC Scotland's spherical political editor, was …in good form, suggesting he and fellow hacks might be preserved for posterity by getting stuffed.

“At which a cry rang out from the back of the room: 'You've been stuffing yourself for years, Brian'!”

Meanwhile, Spike liked The Scottish Sun headline, accompanying its report yesterday of the keynote conference speech by SNP's leader, Alex Salmond: ‘The Ecks Factor’.

And staying with politics, a former Daily Record political editor is reported to have been appointed director of communications of a campaign to persuade people to back a new voting system for elections to Westminster.

The Yes! to Fairer Votes campaign is said to have taken on Paul Sinclair in the run-up to next May’s referendum on the Alternative Vote system. 

Sinclair was political editor at the Daily Record for seven years before moving into the political arena as a Labour Government adviser.

He has spent the past two years leading the public affairs team at the agency, Hill & Knowlton.

Sinclair told the Westminster-based monthly magazine, Public Affairs News, that  his work on the ‘Yes’ campaign was currently on a voluntary basis and he that would continue to do “some” work with H&K, depending on client demand.

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