Luckhurst Tries His Hand at Academe

One of the country’s top controversialists is off to pick new arguments elsewhere. Tim Luckhurst is packing in his lucrative life as a commentator for hire and taking up the post of Professor of Journalism and the News Industry at the University of Kent. He’ll head up new department and set the course for undergraduates joining in the autumn of next year.

It’s undersood the money on offer was good, as it would have to be, given his sizeable income from columns in The Scottish Daily Mail, The Independent, The Independent on Sunday, Sunday Times Scotland, The Times, The Toronto Globe and Mail and others.

Luckhurst returns to academia in June, over twenty years since he quit his PhD to work for the Labour Party in Westminster. After a stint working for Donald Dewar, he joined the BBC and came north in the mid-1990s. His career in the Beeb came to an abrupt halt, but he was picked up by The Scotsman, and briefly edited the paper.

The lad from Peebles High School is particularly enthused by Kent’s strong academic ties with the continent. It has a campus at Brussels, and links with institutions in Lille and Paris. The ardent unionist jokes it is purely co-incidental he is leaving for down south just as Scotland
entertains the idea of independence.

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