More Community Radio Licences for Scotland

Five more licences have been made to community radio groups in Scotland to broadcast in their local area, following the latest announcement by broadcasting regulators, Ofcom.

South Aberdeenshire; St Boswells, in the Scottish Borders; Dunoon, in Argyllshire; Glasgow; and Barrhead, in East Renfrewshire; are all to be served by the licences, which last for five years and are given only to not-for-profit organisations with a clear social agenda, such as providing training in radio broadcasting for young people.

The five were among seven licences just awarded, the other two going to Northern Ireland.

Mearns FM claims the area it serves is “a distinct cultural area of south Aberdeenshire”.

Brick FM promises to be “a community radio service for Newtown St Boswells and St Boswells with a particular focus on local sports information and the involvement of young people”.

Dunoon Community Radio “will be managed, operated and maintained by people from the local community, some participating in the radio activities as individuals others from groups or associations, local schools, etc.

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