Online Video Site Spurs Margo into Action

Fresh from her adventures on housing schemes, telling people to get jobs, former Shadow Home Secretary, Ann Widdecombe, has spied her next target: prostitutes.

The bold Widdecombe opted to make her pitch, for the ladies of the night to be swept from our streets, via the online video debating site,, which has already attracted the likes of Tommy Sheridan and Boris Johnson.

Her tirade against the street walkers did not go unanswered, though. Step up to the plate, Margo MacDonald MSP. Except it was more a case of, step away from the hairdryer. For when Margo decided to hit back she was having her barnet coloured at an Edinburgh salon.

As the team’s camera rolled, Margo let rip (here), calling for Amsterdam-style tolerance zones. While ‘Widdi’ was a nice woman, she hadn’t a clue what she was talking about – she opined. And with that it was back to have the roots finished. Go’n yersel’, Margo.

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