Radical Agenda Aim of New Newspaper

A new newspaper – “with a republican and libertarian agenda” – is launching tomorrow in Edinburgh, with contributions from broadcaster, Lesley Riddoch, and Andy Wightman – author of Who Owns Scotland – appearing in its debut issue. In it, Wightman argues that the ultimate community buy-out would be to unseat the Queen from Balmoral, which he contends the Windsor’s don’t actually own.

Bella Caledonia is being unveiled tomorrow evening at the Radical Book Fair, taking place in the capital, and is the brainchild of editors, Mike Small and Kevin Williamson.

With a print run of 10,000, it will be available for free – in pubs, cafes, arts centres, and other public venues. It will be compact size. The title will appear irregularly in support of a web presence which – says Small – “will utilise social networking techniques to create a wave of information”.

Adds Small: “Bella Caledonia believes that the arguments for

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