Columnist Goes in Hard

You pledge to ‘go green’ and then, what happens? The Scottish Daily Mail’s Ephraim Hardcastle column delights in pointing out what it believes to be hypocrisy. In the column’s sights yesterday was The Scotsman.

It began: “With a front-page headline proclaiming ‘Ten simple ways we can all help to save the planet’, The Scotsman newspaper yesterday [Wednesday] presented a ‘historic environmental edition’.”

But then it continues: “However, after six pages, readers were then rewarded with a Ryanair advert offering a decidedly environmentally incorrect ‘buy one get one free’ flight deal. Oh dear.”

But what to make of a seeming agenda in the paper against James Naughtie, of Radio 4’s Today Programme fame?

Last week, Hardcastle, complaining about what it believes to BBC overstaffing in its coverage of the US presidential election campaign, reported: “Then up pops our old
friend, James ‘The world is my oyster’ Naughtie there. Enough already!”

And on Monday, columnist, Peter McKay, was adding his tuppenceworth. Declaring that BBC director-general, Mark Thompson, had “squandered”

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