New Look Provides Sales Hike for Scottish Mail on Sunday

The new-look Scottish Mail on Sunday was yesterday claiming that the introduction, the previous week, of a new look had proven a runaway success, with the paper selling 30,000 more copies than the week before.

According to circulation auditors, ABC, the paper sold an average of 112,414 copies last month, with its July-December figure 117,531.

And coinciding with the new look, might the paper be targeting Scotland’s media folk? Yesterday, it carried no less than three tales about media matters in its Black Dog in Holyrood column.

“Speculation that a decision is imminent on the fate of Holyrood Labour leader, Wendy Alexander, has been fuelled by her decision to have dinner with journalists this Wednesday,” begins Black Dog. “This dinner was cancelled before Christmas after the row blew up about Wendy accepting an illegal donation to her leadership campaign. Does her willingness to face the hacks now mean she has advance notice of the Electoral Commission’s ruling on her
misdemeanour? Or was it merely to avoid losing the restaurant deposit?”

The column also reports that Tory MSPs “nearly choked on their morning cuppas after finding a copy of the Morning Star in their pigeonholes, with a letter inviting them to subscribe to the ‘only English-language socialist daily newspaper in the world’”.

And the column is worried about cronyism on the jobs front, fretting: “Politics is all about who you know. Green, Mark Ballard, ousted in May as a Lothians MSP, has replaced his

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