Marketing Slogans: A Cut Above the Rest

The skills of Scotland’s top marketeers was put to the test at an annual awards ceremony, held on Friday: come up with a slogan for a shop specialising in, er, circumcision.

It was a challenge set by compere, BBC Scotland presenter, Dougie Vipond, following a gag that began: “This man walks into a shop offering circumcision…..”. The 440-strong audience, attending the Scottish Marketing Society Excellence Awards, had to then quickly come up with both a name for the shop or a marketing slogan.

And the response was pretty overwhelming from the 440-strong audience, with The Scotsman marketing team’s table not only producing the most entries, but also that of the winner – from guest, Ali Findlay of PR outfit, The Lane Agency.

Spike particularly liked the Scottish Sun entry: Reliable Circumcision: If we Slip, we Get the Sack.

Among the many other entries: 4Skins R Us; Circus Cision – Roll up, Roll up, Meet the Ringmaster; The British Army Medical Centre – Go Commando! Lose the Balaclava; Hood Dunnit? Solved with a Snip; 25 Per Cent Off; Lose Your Head, Keep the Fire; and Kwik-Tip: You Can’t Get Quicker than a Kwik-Tip Snipper.

And the winner? Hoody Free, but Blades Allowed.

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