Herald Update….

Just in case……You last read the story about The Herald redundancies (here) at around 9am yesterday, it was subsequently updated with a few other bits n pieces.

And don’t forget to see (here) BBC Scotland’s Newsnight programme, from last night, where Herald & Times Group senior manager, Tom Thomson, seeks to convince a sceptical Gordon Brewer that these are “exciting times” for staff.

Comment: Saddened, shocked, angry are just some of the emotions I felt when I read about the Newsquest attempt to bring their three titles under one umbrella and its demand that its journalists apply for their jobs back.

Former editors such as Arnold Kemp, Harry Reid and George McKechnie took pride in editing one of Scotland’s quality newspapers. I myself worked as a regular freelance for The Herald producing business columns such as the Business Diary, Environment in Business and People in Business.

I also wrote for a number of years the Evening Times Personal Finance page before falling victim to one of the earlier financial culls.

We are talking here about more than a business, we are talking about an integral part of the democratic process.

It is now more important than ever that Scotland, with its own parliament, is served by a

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