McGill Offers Guide to Moving from Journalism into PR

Any current or recently former journalist thinking of ‘going over to the dark side’ – ie moving into public relations – may find hack-turned-PR-person, Craig McGill’s The Redundant Journalist Guide to PR worth a read.


Comment: I enjoyed Craig McGill’s thoughts on journalism and PR. The big difference I found 20 years ago when moving into PR from being business editor of The Scotsman was 1) the invitations stopped coming in and 2) people stopped returning your phone calls. They used to return the phone calls because you might be writing about them; now they reckon you are trying to sell them something. A friend of mine made a similar move at about the same time from being business editor of the Birmingham Post. And he also found the invitations drying up and the phone calls no longer being returned. So much so that when we went on holiday a year after our transition we printed a T-shirt for the occasion and it said: “I used to be important”. Jim Dow

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