Jacko Death Wreaks Havoc with Print Deadlines

The death of the ‘King of Pop’, Michael Jackson, has become the biggest celebrity story in years, with the full weight of the print and broadcast machine devoted over the past few days to chronicling the singer’s life and death.

However, the late-night (British time) unfolding of Jackson’s passing wreaked havoc with the deadlines of the newspapers – especially those London titles with Scottish editions on early print runs.

Hence, a cursory look on Friday morning at the newsstand at allmediascotland’s local corner shop showed that The Guardian, Telegraph and Independent – along with the Mirror – all missed the showbiz splash.

While The Herald scrambled to include the story, it was a case of unfolding drama – with one edition having Wacko suffering a heart attack on the front page but heading off to the 'concert hall in the sky' by page 5. Presumably, we hope, not as a consequence of anything on pages 2-4.

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