Scotsman Editor Appointment Delay Prompts Salary Speculation

Almost this time last week, Spike speculated that the identity of the new Scotsman newspaper editor would be revealed. After all, it was a Friday and owners, Johnston Press, seemed partial to Friday announcements, including that of Les Snowdon as Scotland on Sunday editor.
Of course, as noted on Saturday – amid Spike’s extensive coverage of the Edinburgh TV festival – last Friday was always going to be unlikely given the absence of two key Scotsman people: Michael Johnston, the managing director, and Henry Faure Walker, the general manager.
But why the wait? Well, if Spike was the speculating sort, maybe it’s just down to hard cash. Headhunters may find people willing to consider an approach about taking on The Scotsman job, but that wouldn’t equate to being interested, especially if the salary was not up to much.
By ‘up to much’, still a salary of, say,

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