Pick of the Press: Scottish Daily Express

There is a lot of anger in today's Scottish Daily Express. If not fury at sex offenders being set free, to possibly re-offend, then claims of widespread bullying being suffered by local authority staff. Patrick O'Flynn, the paper's chief political commentator, is angry on two fronts, under the headline, 'Labour is Exposed as a Vile Enemy of British Democracy'.

Coronation Street actor, Ken Cope, is also angry, for “daring to complain about a bungled cancer diagnosis” and allegedly being booted out of his GP surgery for good, as a result. And there's some displeasure too at the European Union reportedly looking to increase the UK's contribution towards its budget, by £1.8 billion a year, or five million pounds a day. There's a telephone vote: yes or no to Britain pulling out of the EU?

The splash – by Scottish political reporter, Paul Gilbride – is about an alarming increase in the number of sex offenders in Scotland who have re-offended on their release. The paper's leader says there is no cure for sex offending and therefore offenders should be kept behind bars until they no longer pose a threat – which might be all their lives.

For O'Flynn, the two supposed affronts to British democracy comprise moves to make former PM, Tony Blair, President of Europe and a “secret policy of fostering immigration on an unprecedented scale”.

If light relief comes from, among other sources, a tale that Hollywood star, Charlize Theron, managed to secure £85,000 for charity, bid for by a female fan in return for a passionate kiss, there is also good advice from columnist, Vanessa Feltz: Men, don't be stupidly brave; instead of not putting your GP to any trouble, even if you are urinating blood or frequently, make an appointment. She was writing about prostate cancer, in the wake of composer, Andrew Lloyd-Webber, being diagnosed with it.

Later, in a seven-page health section, there is encouraging news: more and more people are surviving cancer.

But while there might be cures for cancer, is there any cure – asks Adrian Lee, in a double-page feature – for Brits loving a loser? He is referring, of course, to X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing and how some performers should have been emptied long ago had it not been for the telephone voting support of the general public.

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