Pick of the Press: Scottish Sun

Exclusives may not always be what they claim to be, but today’s Scottish Sun splashes with the real thing, with accompanying, big-bold-red 'Exclusive' heading. Says the paper, the owner of a motoring and coaches chain, Douglas Park, is “poised to join forces” with a director at Rangers FC “in a sensational bid to buy” the club.

Though not much else lies behind the claim, in terms of confirmations or otherwise, it’s an important development in one of the biggest stories of these last few days, whether you are a sports fan or not.

Being a fan certainly figures strongly in Martel Maxwell’s weekly column. Strip away her fame (and money) and Katie Price, aka Jordan, may not be that alluring a catch for any lovesick Romeo. But fame does strange things to people.

Witness, writes Maxwell, how fame-hungry girls will each weekend hang on the words (ahead of who knows what sexual liaison?) of “some unremarkable bloke at the bar” for no other reason than he happens to play for a well-known football club.

Rangers features again in the continuing serialisation of an autobiography of former Ibrox goalkeeper, Andy Goram – written in collaboration with the paper’s sports ed, Iain King. It’s a rollercoaster read of drinking sessions, going AWOL and assault – which almost gets him booted out of the club.

And on the subject of drink……A double-page spread, with accompanying front page tease and a ‘Sun Says’ leader comment, throws the spotlight on to Scotland’s drinking culture among young girls. And reporter, Kenny Angove’s ‘exclusive’ findings make worrying reading: almost 4000 girls under the age of 16 are said to have been treated for alcohol-related problems in Scotland during the last five years.

Football and drink? Alan Carson reports, on page 17, that a Scotland international has been arrested on a drink-driving charge, after crashing his car.

Detect a theme emerging? Perhaps.

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