The Media in the Press 19.11.09

It's a pretty quiet day for media news in the press, with certainly not much in the way of breaking news. Most folk with an interest in such things will have long since known that, after months of searching, ITV have finally found their new chairperson….

It's former Tory MP, Archie Norman, and he gets a decent amount of both praise and coverage, including in the Scottish Sun, page 8; the Scottish Daily Express, page 7; and The Scotsman business, page 3. Says The Scotsman's Scott Reid, assessing the markets, ITV's share price was given a 3.3 per cent boost following the announcement of Norman's appointment.

Meanwhile, according to a report in The Herald (page 4), Ministry of Defence personnel have spent the equivalent of 140 days, over the course of the last five years, helping in the televising of stunts for the BBC motoring programme, Top Gear.

And staying with The Herald (page 10), a TV ad for Mark's & Spencer's has been complained about, on the grounds of alleged sexism. Actor, Philip Glenister (star of BBC drama series, Ashes to Ashes), says in the ad: “That girl prancing around in her underwear”, when asked what he couldn't do without at Christmas. There then appears a scantily-clad woman.

Other media news:

* The number of subscribers to movie channels on TV is now eclipsing DVD sales and cinema attendances - Scottish Sun, page 35.

* Once he provided the hand that operated the Children's TV puppet, Gordon the Gopher. Now, Paul Smith has the job of overseeing editorial standards at the BBC, on a salary of £110,000 – Scottish Daily Mail, page 19.

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