The Media in the Press 30.11.09

It's mostly a mix of the funny and the offensive when it comes to the media stories making it into today's newspapers.

There's the BBC apologising for expletives uttered by cricket commentator, Geoffrey Boycott, during a broadcast of an one-day match between England and South Africa yesterday (page 12, Daily Record) while columnist, Hickey, in the Scottish Daily Express lampoons an alleged BBC 'appology'.

Much less pleasant, also in the Scottish Daily Express (page 3) is its report of a TV presenter in New Zealand being apparently unrepentant at describing Scots singer, Susan Boyle – whose record-breaking debut album features right across the press – as 'retarded'.

In the Scottish Sun, meanwhile, columnist Rikki Brown suggests why a BBC Scotland newsreader had a clip microphone slipping down her cleavage the other day: there's a new sound recordist, 'Frank McAvennie' (if you don't know who Frank…).

And talking of fitba', in the Scottish Daily Express (page 30): broadcaster, Eamonn Holmes is celebrating his 50th birthday, with a Manchester United-themed party.

In Iraq, meanwhile, a mystery satellite TV channel is screening pictures and recordings of deposed and executed former leader, Saddam Hussein (page 11).

While leading The Guardian's Monday media supplement is a feature on the Telegraph Media Group, being turned from media company to digital company. It's being called the 'Euston Project'.

And finally, in The Herald, a fairly long-running saga over the BBC's History of Scotland TV series appears in three places….

First, a cartoon on page 13 is a play on presenter, Neil Oliver (long hair, long coat, perhaps walking), but is actually a dig at First Minister, Alex Salmond. 

Page 12 carries letters about an ongoing spat involving Professor Tom Devine, of Edinburgh University, who has questioned the series' content (with Oliver fighting back). 

And then page 3 has Devine claiming the BBC has 'blackballed' him from taking part in a televised debate with Oliver, being screened this evening, at 10.35pm on BBC ONE.

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