The Media in the Press 6.12.10

Snow, snow everywhere and not a lot of space left in today's newspapers for media stories.

At a push? Well, since various newspapers can be accessed via the iPhone, the launch of a rival, Nexus One, by Google, has some media relevance (The Herald page 9 and Scottish Daily Mail page 11).

And TV presenter, Davina McCall – best known as the presenter of Big Brother – is reported expressing fears about the impact on children's behaviour from watching television (Scottish Daily Express page 18, Scottish Daily Mail page 11 and The Herald page 5).

In a neat marketing stunt, Scott's porage oats is temporarily changing its packaging, replacing its traditional shot-putter figure with Scots international rugby players. The iconic Scottish brand has three versions of the new look, featuring either Chris Paterson, Thom Evans or Ross Ford (The Scotsman, page 13, and various other papers).

And that's about it. The Scottish Daily Express (page 7) has actor, John Gordon Sinclair, cross-dressing in an episode of a forthcoming new series of Rab C Nesbitt, on BBC, while the Scottish Daily Mail (page 25) reports on the banning of an advert for a skin cleaner because before-and-after pics involved make-up.

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