What's in a Name?

It is not often enough that journalists and newspapers give their rivals credit, but The Herald's estimable rugby writer, Kevin Ferrie, is probably regretting namechecking a fellow writer, from Scotland on Sunday.

Writing today on the back page of The Herald's sports supplement, about rising talent, Rory Hutton, Ferrie reproduces the following paragraph: “Iain Morrison, a former international flanker who now writes for a Sunday newspaper, described his performance in the opening half-hour thus: 'The young stand-off kicked the ball with all the elan of a man hoofing a plastic bag full of water, he threw looping hospital passes to poor John Houston, got caught in possession more often than Pete Docherty and tackled with all the conviction of Dan Parks.'”

Except the blistering, eloquent words were the work of Morrison's colleague, Richard Bath

Ah, you try your best…….

PS Hutton went on to have a good game.

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