The Media in the Press 4.2.10

So, what media stories have made it into today's press……?

They divided opinion and were eventually phased out, but in a tribute to photographer, Mel Gillies, who died suddenly, The Herald devotes most of its page 3 to Tennent's famous/infamous 'lager lovelies' – “everyday girls on the street” photographed by Gillies, to adorn cans of Tennent's Lager. 

And writer, Alison Campsie, tracks down four 'lovelies', to find out what they are doing now, including Karen Thomson, now aged 47, who took part in the last 'lager lovelies' campaign in 1989 and now runs a landscape gardening company.

Like it or loathe it, the campaign became a milestone in Scottish marketing history.

And in The Scotsman, it's the lovely Alison Walker – former sports presenter on BBC Scotland – who is given a two-page feature (pages 20-21), on account of her being the only Scottish reporter recruited by Olympic TV, the official channel providing worldwide coverage and commentary for this month's Winter Games in Vancouver, Canada. Writes Jackie Hunter of the days when Walker was pretty much a lone woman in a man's, reporting football world: “She was routinely patronised, shouted at and told she wasn't good enough by men, but Walker developed a thick skin and a sound knowledge of various sports, which has enabled her to not only reach but remain at the top of her profession.”

Both The Scotsman (page 11) and The Herald (page 10) repeat claims reported yesterday that, were the Tories to win the General Election, they would axe the BBC Trust, to replace it with a new, licence-fee payers' trust. In other words, 'curtains' for Trust chair, Sir Michael Lyons.

The Herald (page 4) also reports that the public is being invited to air its views on a planned news pilot on Channel 3, to replace STV's news programmes and to be run by a publicly-funded news consortium – with STV bidding to be the chosen operator, but The Herald & Times group – as part of a rival outfit – also hoping it instead wins the public cash.

And finally, the Scottish Daily Express (page 20) is reporting that, no sooner will he have left the BBC, but broadcaster, Jonathan Ross, may be presenting a film show for Channel 4. He currently fronts the BBC's Film 2010, which may take on Mark Kermode as Ross's successor.

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