Smith Adds to Bullying-in-Newsrooms Claims

The allegations of bullying made against Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, have prompted various journalists to remark that they’ve witnessed worse in newsrooms.

Tom Brown said it last week on BBC Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland and former Daily Record political editor, Paul Sinclair – who became a special adviser to Gordon Brown – echoed the sentiments on BBC Scotland’s Newsnight Scotland. 

Yesterday, it was the turn of former Daily Record chief reporter, Anna Smith, now a columnist at the Scottish News of the World.

She begins: “I’ve witnessed real bullying at work. 

“It was when a no-talent boss would make a target of a younger, vulnerable member of staff.

“He would berate them in public, phone them in the middle of the night, and terrorise them when they were out of town, shattering their confidence.”

She continues: “It was nothing to do with getting results. It was cowardly.”

Needless to say, her comments have got tongues wagging, including at her former stomping ground of the Record.


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