The Media in the Press 14.4.10

So, what items of media news have made into today's press….?

Tomorrow, the first of three televised debates is being broadcast, with Labour leader, Gordon Brown; Tory leader, David Cameron; and LibDem leader, Nick Clegg; each taking part. It prompts a feature in the Scottish Daily Mail (page 14), by Andrew Marr, who – reflecting on a famous US presidency television debate between Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy some 50 years ago – writes: ”Team Cameron hopes that Brown…will be Nixon-like in his public image – grouchy, unhappy, partisan and ill at ease.”

But no sign of the SNP or Plaid Cymru. And it is has resulted in a long-running gripe by the SNP, which seems unlikely to go away for a while yet. Reports The Herald's political editor, Brian Currie, on page 6 of his newspaper: “[SNP leader] Alex Salmond has demanded a personal hearing from the BBC Trust as the row over TV leaders' debates rumbles on.”

Meanwhile, The Scotsman's political editor, Eddie Barnes, writes, also on page 6 of his newspaper: “Mr Salmond said the broadcasters had ensured Scotland's voice was not being heard at the debates, which are likely to be watched by millions across the UK.”

Barnes continues: “The SNP claims the BBC is breaking communications law and its own guidelines on impartiality by agreeing to broadcast its debate in Scotland, without one of the main Scottish parties being represented.”

ITV and Sky are hosting debates, as well as the BBC.

Meanwhile, page 8 of the Scottish Daily Mail reports that English TV viewers are to be “subjected” to a SNP party political broadcast…. courtesy of it showing on Channel 4 and Five.

Moving on, and the Daily Record offers two media-related tales on its page 3. First up, the TV doctor, Chris Steele, who advises viewers of ITV's This Morning programme, has admitted to suffering depression. And, of course, he advises viewers on the illness. 

Meanwhile, Mark Jefferies reports yesterday's news that broadcaster, Chris Evans, is to present The One Show on Friday nights – sitting in for Adrian Chiles, who is said to be less than pleased and, indeed, is understood to be stalling over his contract. Jefferies quotes an insider, saying: “Adrian is a BBC man through-and-through, so I can't see him going anywhere else now.”

The story also appears on page 8 of The Scotsman.

Further into the Daily Record, and columnist, Tam Cowan, is not pleased: with the likes of Ross Noble being considered funnier than Tommy Cooper and Sean Lock being named a better stand-up comedian than Bob Monkhouse. Needless, he describes Channel 4's The 100 Greatest Stand-up Comedians as “that guff”.

Finally, a rare copy of the first Beano comic annual has been donated to a Cancer Research UK shop in St Andrews. Say the Daily Record (page 21), among others, it is in near mint condition and is one of just ten surviving copies. Little wonder it is said to be worth £5000.

Other media news: 

* It is being alleged, in a book by 'celebrity biographer', Kitty Kelley, that TV chat show host, Oprah Winfrey, may have 'gilded the lilly', somewhat, to convey a life comprising rags-to-riches – Scottish Daily Mail, page 33.

* TV broadcaster, John Suchet, has put up for sale the house he and his wife, Bonnie, shared for 25 years. Richard Kay writes: Suchet was heart-broken when he last year reluctantly put Bonnie in a care home for sufferers of Alzheimer's Disease – Scottish Daily Mail, page 35.

* Scots entrepreneur, Michelle Mone, is considering whether to take up an offer to appear in a US TV show; move to Los Angeles for a year – various newspapers, including The Herald (page 13), Scottish Daily Express (page 7) and The Scotsman (page 9).

* Film's Nick Park and TV's David Attenborough are cited among those who contribute towards an estimated £110 billion per year generated by the UK's 'creative industries' – Scottish Daily Express, page 24.

* The BBC drama series, Survivors, is being dropped, after “just two series” – The Scotsman, page 20.

* As noted in yesterday's Media in the Press, the Controller of BBC Radio 4, Mark Damazer, is stepping down, to become head of St Peter's College, at Oxford University – The Herald, page 14.

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