Media Release a Triumph of Hope Over Experience?

While Scottish newspapers are unlikely to turn their backs on their readers who support the England football team, there is likely to be a limit as to just how much copy they will devote to Messrs. Capello, Terry, etc. in the run-up to the World Cup, in South Africa, for which England has qualified but Scotland not.

Which probably means a pretty sparce take-up of a media release to have made its way north of the Border, from a London-based PR agency, including today on the desk of one West of Scotland-based journalist.

Arguably, the offer of England fans, available for interview, is not so remarkable. But maybe the sender was being a tad optimistic providing the chance for “football fans to upload their messages of support for the England boys”.

And the further offer of “some clips of the England Supporters Band performing which we could offer you exclusively to place on [your web]site”.

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