Riddoch Remains Within Cross Wires of Express Diarist

Newspaper columnist and broadcaster, Lesley Riddoch, has again found herself within the cross wires of Scottish Daily Express diarist, Hickey.

Recently, Allmediascotland reported Hickey – whose motto is ‘In Gossipus Veritas’ - remarking: “African broadcaster Ms Lesley Riddoch says no woman would ever make a lusty remark about a fellow when in charge of a Holyrood committee, as did Mr Frank McAveety. I am sure she is right and, I am relieved to note she has kept her own ‘object of desire’ for the posh Opinion page of a newspaper (The Scotsman or something).”

And he's back on the offensive this week, writing: “As a keen bicyclist, I was riding my ancient Hercules Gentleman’s Roadster down Morningside Road when I noticed a wild looking lass in a helmet puffing towards me. Goodness. It was none other than Ms Lesley Mwumba-Riddoch, African correspondent of BBC Scotland. Naturally, I doffed my straw boater, by the lass ignored my good manners and, grunting due to the incline, ploughed on.”

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