The Media in the Press 14.6.10

MA Journalism student, Ganesh Nagarajan, scans today's papers for media stories…

The government intends to discuss, as early as next year, whether a TV licence fee is the right way to fund the BBC – some five years before the end of its charter, The Guardian reports. Jeremy Hunt, the Culture Secretary, has told Media Guardian  - also in The Guardian's main section, page 7 – that the coalition is committed to the principle that the BBC should have a ringfenced pot of money over a multi-year period and stressed his support for the BBC and its independence.

ITV has issued an apology for mistakenly cutting to an ad break just as England scored its goal in its opening match against USA (The Scottish Sun, page 7). About 1.5 million fans missed Steven Gerrard's goal as an ad for Hyundai cars filled the screens. The commercial affected only ITV's High Definition broadcast and most viewers enjoyed uniterrupted coverage.

The Daily Record (page 7) reports that ITV has blamed “human error” from a French supplier for the missed goal. Angry executives organised a crisis meeting yesterday morning to ensure the gaffe would not happen again, it says.

After the interruption, ITV immediately switched HD coverage to standard definition already being watched on ITV1 to avoid any other possible disruption to the broadcast, The Guardian says (page 4). The audience peaked, near the game's end at 9.15 pm, at 20.1 million viewers.

And finally, the BBC is said to be taking 400 staff to cover the Glastonbury music festival – 100 more than are covering the World Cup. The total cost for the four-day event in Somerset is estimated at £1.5 million, the Sun says (page 27).

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