Howatson Shows Provost Counterpart How it's Done

Journalist, Bill Howatson, who is Provost of Aberdeenshire, has revealed in the Press and Journal today that he keeps his local government expenses claims low, especially when it comes to clothing.

Howatson has claimed just £36 for clothing in the last three years, compared to his Aberdeen counterpart, Lord Provost Peter Stephen, whom the P&J revealed this week billed taxpayers for more than £10,000.

Howatson, who was farming editor of the P&J before going into politics, and still freelances, said he found it easy to keep to a tighter budget. 

“The only thing I felt I needed to claim was £36,” he said. “It was for an outdoor jacket and it was needed for official work outside. I have till 2012 to go as provost, but at this point that is the only thing I genuinely needed. 

“I suppose I came into office with a reasonable repertoire of clothes and have yet to wear them out.”

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