England Result Draws Best out of Headline Writers

The goalless draw between the England football team and Algeria on Friday evening in the World Cup resulted in a batch of interesting headlines, reflecting both the poor performance and the boos from fans at the game, including 'ALL JEERS!' on the back of the Scottish Daily Mail.

The Scottish Sun was characteristically unequivocal – with 'Crap Capello' – while the Daily Mirror chipped in with 'Boering Boering England'.

The Daily Star of Scotland came up with 'Roolish', the Daily Record had 'Greetin’ Wayne', while The Herald had 'On the Wayne'.

Other countries also came in for opprobrium from the headline writers. The Scottish Sun advised Germany to 'Keep Yer Herr On!', and the Scottish Daily Mail opted for 'Les Poulets Sans Tetes*, with a sub-heading explanation for the asterisk: 'The Headless Chickens …and That’s the Kindest Thing They’re Saying about the French'.

Much more decorum from The Independent with its front page splash headline, 'Cheer up Everybody, There’s a Budget Next Week'. It was accompanied by a side panel, headed: 'PLUS Germany Lose on Penalties (Honest)'.

Meanwhile, the Daily Record claimed an exclusive with Kevan Christie’s tale, which took up all of page 3,  in which he revealed that the man who designed the gloves used by England goalkeeper, Rob Green, whose failure to hold onto a shot gifted the USA an equaliser just over a week ago, is Dave Baxter, who hails from Montrose, and has been in the soccer gloves design business for 20 years.

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