It's the Caley Merc Wot Won It!

Only three publications supported the Labour leadership campaign of Ed Milliband – as the man himself said within the first hours of his successful election, at a celebration party hosted by the New Statesman magazine.

As Milliband told his audience, the trio were “the People, the New Statesman and the Caledonian Mercury“, the Caley Merc being the Scottish news website, set up at the start of the year by, among others, the former online content editor at The Scotsman, Stewart Kirkpatrick.

PS Last night, TV channel, Film4, screened the remake of the Manchurian Candidate, about a placeman being sinisterly manouvered towards the presidency of the USA. Cheekiness on the part of schedulers, perhaps, given the Labour Party conference location, Manchester – thus making Ed Milliband a 'Mancunian Candidate'?

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