Lamb Stepping Down as Editorial Manager at DC Thomson's

The editorial manager of newspaper, magazine and comic publishers, DC Thomson, is stepping down, after 44 years with the company.

Ian Lamb is taking early retirement to enjoy his golf, his grandson and, among other things, continue his role as an ambassador for Dundee, where DC Thomson is headquartered.

Lamb joined the company straight from school, as a trainee reporter working for The Courier, Evening Telegraph, Sunday Post and People's Journal. Following a transfer to the publisher's Forfar office, he was then appointed People's Journal photographer and reporter for Angus. In 1973, he was made chief reporter in the company's Arbroath office.

Thirty years ago, he moved back to Dundee, as deputy features editor on The Courier, as well as motoring correspondent.

He wrote about motoring for more than 25 years and was made president of the Association of Scottish Motoring Writers, during which time he founded the Scottish Car of the Year awards. He also wrote a column about the Scottish car market for the specialist magazine, Motor Trader.

Almost twenty years ago, he redesigned The Courier so that it had news on the front page and sport on the back. At the time, it was the largest-selling paper in the UK which still carried classifieds on the front.

The redesign was launched at the beginning of 1992 and he was made assistant editor on the paper.

It was five years ago that he was appointed editorial manager for the DC Thomson newspaper group, responsible for recruiting and managing editorial staff.

Latterly, the job had also involved working on external affairs in Dundee where he is now a Dundee Ambassador on the city's website.

He told “Journalism was always the career I wanted to do and there's very little I would change about my time with DC Thomson which has been a great company to work for. If I had to choose a high spot in my career, it would be the night I saw my first front page news Couriers rolling off the presses.

“I'm also delighted that more than 50 of the journalists I have recruited over the past five years are proving that a DC Thomson-trained journalist is often amongst the best in the business.”

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