Survey Confirms Dramatic Drop in Number of Journalism Jobs

The number of mainstream UK journalism jobs has shrunk by between 27 and 33 per cent during the past ten years, to around 40,000 – according to a new report out yesterday.

And only a tiny proportion of journalism graduates will succeed in getting jobs, the report reveals.

The report follows a survey carried out by Francois Nel, of the University of Central Lancashire, in which he found that although 40,000 people are still employed in the industry, that figure had shrunk by between 10,800 and 13,200 over the past decade – and, undoubtedly, a significant number of them in Scotland.

Meanwhile, the number of journalism university graduates has risen to an all-time high of 7590 over the past ten years.

The research was based partly on a survey of trade sites, including and HoldtheFrontPage.


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