Stout Defence of BB Looming after Begbie Attack?

Not that columnists are often to be found in the building of the newspaper they write for, but one wonders if the Aberdeen Evening Express’s entertainments editor, Scott Begbie, will be getting the cold-shoulder from one of his paper’s guest weekly writers – Cameron Stout – in future.

Writing last night, Begbie declared: “So long Big Brother …it’s been a bit of roller-coaster ten years in your company. I have hated you, loved you then, sadly, become completely indifferent to you. A bit like the rest of the nation.

“Help might be at hand for hardcore BB fans and their withdrawal pangs. Why not see if you can get a video of a greetin' face and play it on your telly non-stop all summer?”

Orcadian, Stout – the elder brother of television and radio presenter Julyan Sinclair – was, of course, the winner of Big Brother 4, seven years ago.

And only last month he was reflecting: “I suppose I would have to admit that I am – or at least have been in the past – a fan of Big Brother who was, at times, bordering on the obsessive.”

Is a Stout defence looming?

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