US Commission for Jack Irvine's Media House

Scotland-based Media House is ramping up its American operation after being appointed to raise the profile of the National Council of Women of the United States.

It follows a lengthy visit to New York by the company's chair – former Scottish Sun editor, Jack Irvine – who, said a spokesperson for Media House, is “preparing to announce another high profile New York-based client, next month”.

With offices in both London and the USA, the company's account teams include former Daily Record and Sunday Mail head of news, Andy Lines – who is also a former US editor for the Daily Mirror - and Lois Boyle who set up the US operation nine years ago. 

Founded in 1888, with roots that date back to the anti-slavery movement, the National Council of Women of the United States, Inc. is a coalition of organisations and individuals dedicated to the realisation of full participation by women in every aspect of society. After working to abolish slavery, founding members focused on ending child labour, improving workplace conditions and women’s suffrage. Today, the Council works for the education, participation and advancement of women to make equality a national obligation.

Said Irvine, in a statement: “We worked on a major fundraiser at the United Nations last year with NCWUS president, Mary Singletary, and the relationship has grown from there.”

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