PR Fee Structure 'Ludicrously' Low Compared to Other Professions, says Sector Chief

The fee structure in public relations is 'ludicrously' low compared to the fees charged by other professions, the chief executive of a PR agency employing over 1500 people has told a select group of his Scots counterparts.

At an exclusive Glasgow lunch, hosted by the Scottish division of the Public Relations Consultants Association, Lord Peter Chadlington – chief executive of Huntsworth plc – said the problem facing PR agencies is that “people don't believe the life-changing things we do for their business”, adding “the level of payment is just ludicrous”.

During a highly-entertaining speech, Lord Peter – who founded Shandwick 36 years ago – also shared his top six tips on how to make a pitch for a PR contract.

Huntsworth employs 1690 and serves over 2500 clients through an international network of 74 offices. 

His six top tips about presentation are:

* Presentations are about clients, not about the presenters;

* There's no substitute for rehearsing;

* Visual aids get in the way;

* Be prepared for anything;

* Don't be something you are not; and

* Always take a reality check.

He added that every six months he asks himself three personal questions: “Have I had fun? Have I made any money? And have I done work I am proud of?”

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