Media in the Press 25.11.10

The Tommy Sheridan perjury trial – the former MSP is accused of lying under oath during his successful defamation action against the News of the World four years ago – was halted yesterday after a witness refused to answer a question.

Writes Alison Campsie, in The Herald (page 12): “Matthew McColl, 50, said he would not reveal the identity of his girlfriend at the time of a gathering at a Glasgow hotel suite.” Campsie reports that the event – held at the Moat House Hotel in Glasgow on the eve of the wedding between a former footballer and the sister of Sheridan's wife, Gail, in June 2002 – had earlier been described as a “sex party”.

The Scotsman, page 17, also picks up the story. Explaining the significance of the alleged events to the trial, the paper's law correspondent, John Robertson, writes: “The so-called ‘Moat House incident’ featured in the 2006 defamation case in which Sheridan successfully sued the News of the World over allegations about his private life, including claims that he cheated on his wife, Gail.”

After being asked to disclose the identity of his partner at the gathering, McColl is reported to have refused, saying: “I am not prepared to give her name … you can ask me until you are blue in the face and if that gets me into trouble, so be it.”

It meant the trial was halted for legal discussions before the judge, Lord Bracadale, sent the jury home for the day.

Staying with The Scotsman (page 17), Scots Doctor Who star, Karen Gillian, is set to become a Radio 1 DJ. Writes Angus Howarth: “Along with co-star Matt Smith, the pair will be showing another dimension to their talents as they step in for a guest-presenting slot next month.”

Gillian, who plays the Time Lord’s sidekick, Amy Pond, is set to 'man the decks' on Christmas Eve.

Elsewhere, in today’s Scottish Daily Mail (page 18), columnist Craig Brown has fun with the idea of Katie Price (aka Jordan) guest-editing an edition of BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme by drafting a mock schedule written on the glamour model’s behalf. As reported in yesterday’s The Media in the Press, Price has reportedly been lined up to take the helm in a special edition of the show.

Brown, here channelling Price’s possible innermost thoughts, writes: “The latest from Korea: Luckily I’m like so a world expert on Korea ‘cos I’ve had a great Korea for ten years or more and my Korea’s recently expanded into my own swimwear, chick-lit and fragrances ranges, you name it.”

Brown, still writing as Price, continues: “Newspaper review: Me and Alex is on Page Five of The Sun, Pages Six and Seven of the Star and Page Two of the Mirror, but apart from that there’s nothing at all in the newspapers today.”

Sticking with this humorous bent, the Mail (page 22) also features a collection of the best clangers from TV and radio talent. The list – taken from the satirical magazine, Private Eye – features a number of popular presenters finding themselves in a muddle. Here’s one said to have been uttered by BBC Radio 5 live presenter, Nicky Campbell: “Some of this stuff is political. I mean, some people use the story as a stick to beat him with.” BBC presenter, Evan Davis, is quoted, weighing in with this contribution: “The banks have made people green with anger over the last few years.” And even the respected John Humphrys is reported falling foul of his own, sharp tongue, with this: “So the obvious answer is ‘why?’”

And finally, GMTV presenter turned MP, Gloria De Piero, tells today’s Scottish Sun (page 40) that making a speech in the House of Commons is far more nerve racking than staring down the lens of a camera. She is quoted, saying of her maiden address: “My knees were knocking. It was far more nerve racking than reporting on TV.”

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