Sports Editor Apologises and Rectifies Omission of Morrison

The sports editor of The Herald has apologised for leaving a top Scottish triathlete out of the list of candidates for the paper’s Scottish Sports Personality Award.

The Herald yesterday carried two letters from readers, each complaining about the omission of Catriona Morrison, who specialises in longer distance events and has had an astounding year – winning every event, bar the Ironman Championships in Hawaii when she was struck down by a virus. She also became world duathlon champion.

Reader, Kenneth May, pointed out: “Regardless of these results, Catriona would deserve to win the award solely for the way she conducts herself.

“She is a great ambassador for Scotland, a true Scot and an inspiration to us all. We have very few truly world-class athletes: so leaving Catriona off your list is a travesty.”

In a footnote, Donald Cowey apologised: “You are quite right: Catriona Morrison, whose achievements have been reported in Herald Sport, should certainly have been included. Those involved in compiling our list have been suitably chastised.”

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