Media in the Press 1.3.11

Student intern, Lewis McCathie, casts an eye over the media stories making it into today's press….

It's mainly The Oscars and politics in today's press. What there is, media-wise, is, for instance, sports broadcaster, Archie Macpherson, reflecting on his contribution towards the making of the movie, Trainspotting. It is his voice that is heard commentating on Archie Gemmill's goal against Holland in the 1978 World Cup, which accompanies one of the film's characters, Renton, reaching orgasm.

Writes Jonathan Brocklebank in the Scottish Daily Mail (page 31): “It was only after the film had hit cinema screens nationwide that he realised he had recorded the soundtrack to a climax in a sex scene.”

Elsewhere, the owner of Express Newspapers, Richard Desmond, is reported in The Herald (page 10) unveiling a “new lottery game which aims to raise more that £50 million a year for health charities”. In the Scottish Daily Express itself, he is afforded a two-page spread (pp 8 and 9), with showbusiness editor, Elisa Roche, quoting Desmond – who also owns Channel 5 – saying: “This is a ground-breaking, bold new initiative that will be both great fun to play but also directly benefit local communities around Great Britain and the local health-linked projects that are important within those communities but are outside NHS funding.” Details on how the lottery will operate are to be unveiled later in the year.

In the Scottish Daily Mail (page 21), Scots broadcaster, Kirsty Young, is quoted attacking 'celebrity TV'. Writes Maureen Culley: “The Scots mother-of-two roundly criticised The X Factor, saying it is the one show she changes channels to avoid watching.”

Adds Culley: “She is a fan of US dramas, Mad Men and The West Wing.” Young, who hosts Desert Island Discs on BBC Radio 4, is herself quoted, saying: “Do people want to be on TV so much they would eat a kangaroo's testicle?”

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