Newspaper Bosses Invited to Share Best Practice

Newspaper publishers and editors – plus heads of other media sectors – are being offered the chance to learn new ways of running their organisation, at a workshop being run by, among others, a ‘futurologist’.

The workshop – taking next week in Edinburgh – promises to suggest new ways of harnessing business data, in pursuit of innovation and greater efficiency.

It is being run by the Creative Industries Knowledge Transfer Network, which is funded by the UK Government. Among the speakers will be Cate Trotter, founder of Insider Trends, which says of itself: “Insider Trends’ unique insight and inspiration services will help you define and develop better initiatives in less time. We’ve helped innovative start-ups, creative agencies and global brands develop powerful new approaches.”

The event is free to attend, and is taking place all day next Wednesday at the University of Edinburgh. Part of the day’s purpose is to encourage attendees to share best practice and their good ideas.

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