Sheridan would Trade Prison for Demise of News of the World, says Mother

The mother of the former MSP, Tommy Sheridan, has said her son would happily sacrifice himself by serving a year in prison in return for the demise of the News of the World.

Speaking to Anne Simpson in the Sunday Herald, Alice Sheridan is quoted, as saying: “If anybody had suggested to Tommy: 'You do a year in prison and when you come out there'll be no News of the World,' he'd have said: 'I'll take that deal.'”

It follows the release from prison last month of Tommy Sheridan, after being found guilty of perjury during a previous case: a defamation hearing by Sheridan against the News of the World, which was last year closed down amid allegations of phone-hacking. 

On Friday, it was announced there will be soon a Sunday edition of the News of the World's sister title, The Sun.

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