Price Cut for Trio of Trinity Mirror Titles in Counter to Sun on Sunday

The Trinity Mirror titles of the Sunday Mail, the Sunday Mirror and The People are to be cut in price this weekend – albeit only in the Grampian and Tayside regions of Scotland – in a move countering the launch by rivals, News International, of The Sun on Sunday.

As reported earlier today on, tomorrow's edition of The Scottish Sun is to be cut from 60p to 50p, with the new Sun on Sunday (replacing the News of the World, which was closed in July amid allegations of phone-hacking) is also to sell for 50p.

The move by Trinity Mirror will see the Sunday Mail in Grampian and Tayside retail for 50p, down from £1.30. The other two titles will be also 50p each, both down from £1 and again in Grampian and Tayside. The choice of these two regions in particular is understood to be because the News of the World is said to have been a good seller there.

Newsagents will receive 22p per copy sold of the Sunday Mirror and The People and 28p per copy of the Sunday Mail. As also reported earlier today, the National Federation of Retail Newsagents issued a statement complaining of receiving 11p per copy sold of The Sun on Saturday (the same margin for selling The Sun on Sunday).

According to the latest audited figures, the Sunday Mail sold an average 357,724 copies in Scotland last month, up 1.6 per cent on 12 months' previously. Meanwhile, sales in Scotland of the Sunday Mirror were 80 per cent up, year-on-year, to 40,993; while sales in Scotland of The People were 72 per cent up, year-on-year, to 22,634.

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