The Numbers Game

There, but for the grace of God. In describing BBC Four as his favourite TV channel just now, The Scotman's Stephen McGinty looks ahead to the channel's tenth birthday on Friday by hoping he wasn't The Scotsman's TV critic at the time of its launch, because he can't remember it.

And he humorously reminds readers how BBC Four actually pre-dated BBC Three: “So, for 11 months until the belated arrival of BBC Three …viewers doubted the director-general of the world's greatest broadcaster possessed the skills of basic numeracy.” 

Ah, numeracy. For the sake of a mistyped letter, he goes on to write: “BBC Four has had its budget cut by 10 per cent – £5 million to £54.3m, or, to put it in perspective, one-20th of BBC One’s budget of £1.1 million.”

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