Scottish Sun Column Reportedly Does for Sheridan Relationship with Lawyer

The former MSP, Tommy Sheridan, has reportedly sacked his lawyer, following the latter's decision to pen a regular column for The Scottish Sun on Sunday.

Aamer Anwar took up the column following the death of his friend and colleague, Paul McBride QC, who produced two columns for the newly-launched paper before his untimely death.

When The Scottish Sun announced Anwar's new role, it reported Sheridan as 'fuming'. 

Sheridan recently served a prison sentence for perjuring himself in a successful defamation case against the now no longer News of the World, which The Scottish Sun replaces.

Writes Andrew Whittaker, Scottish political correspondent on the front page of The Scotsman: “The Scotsman has learned that Sheridan has replaced prominent human rights lawyer Mr Anwar with Gordon Dangerfield, a veteran of the anti-poll tax campaign who has acted for the former MSP in previous court battles.”

Whittaker goes on to report: “Sheridan warned Mr Anwar during their talks in Glasgow that he would no longer employ him as his solicitor if he continued to work for a News International title.

“When Mr Anwar refused, Sheridan sacked his political ally of almost 20 years and sent a text message to close friends informing them of the move.”

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