Mark Gorman: An intriguing communications battleground awaits over the independence referendum

WAS it just me or was the media at the end of 2012 just a little too partisan for comfort? For many, it was the year that put the ‘Great’ back into Great Britain, and that’s fine. But If I hear, or see, another foaming-at-the-mouth Olympic or Paralympics Games segue I think I’ll scream. By contrast. in the much quieter waters of 2013 (bar a Royal baby arriving) things should be a lot quieter on the “it’s great to be British, isn’t it?” front.

A good time, then, for a new and hopefully intriguing communications battlefield to emerge as the arguments begin to take shape for and against an independent Scotland from 2014. And it will be one of the biggest new advertising campaigns for years in Scotland as two new brands try to establish their credentials and secure ‘your vital cross in the box’ come late 2014.

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