Francis Shennan: Never mind, there’s sure to be another regulator along in a minute

YOU wait ages for a regulator to come along and then three come along at once. At least that’s what could well happen in the aftermath of what I believe to have been a right Royal Charter screw-up.

With varying degrees of vehemence, national newspapers, regional newspapers and magazine publishers have said ‘no’ to the idea of Her Majesty’s Press Regulator (I know, I’m being sarcastic).

If you’ll indulge a brief digression, it reminds me of a short-lived but very funny TV series called Hot Metal. It was to newspapers what Drop The Dead Donkey was to TV news. In it, the experienced, but disreputable, chief reporter, called Greg Kettle, used to barge through officials waving a Press card and shouting, “Her Majesty’s Press!”

However, back to reality – unfortunately.

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