Neil Braidwood: Magazine internships, my own and at CMYK

WITH Hilary Devey, of Dragons’ Den, heading up The Intern on Channel 4 this month, it got me thinking about my formative years in the magazine business.

When I walked into the 12th-floor offices of 19 magazine back in 1987, I was looking for work experience. The art director, Delilah Lemon, sneered at my work, tutting and shaking her head. As I zipped up my portfolio, crestfallen, she asked when I could start. “But I thought you hated my work?” “Yes, but we need to make you better,” was her answer.

The next two weeks was spent observing the staff produce a best-selling teen magazine. In between, I made countless cups of tea, bought 20 Benson & Hedges for the fashion editors, lunch for the features editors and took photographs to the retouchers.

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