Celtic Manager Says He'd Rather Not Speak to Newspapers

The Celtic football club manager, Tony Mowbray, has said that the only reason he speaks to newspapers is to communicate to the club's fans and that the 'story of Scottish football' isn't big enough to sustain the Scottish press.

Speaking on Celtic's own TV channel, he said: ”The story of Scottish football really isn't big enough for the newspapers that are out there and they try to create an agenda that can run for a few days and can cause a bit of unrest.”

His remarks come in the immediate wake of his club and the Daily Record newspaper at loggerheads over claims by the latter that Celtic player, Scott Brown, had been told he was free to move to another club. It led to the club saying the story was “erroneous” and “totally without foundation”, and that it was seeking legal advice, and the newspaper yesterday publishing a strongly-worded defence that its reporting was accurate and its conscience is clear.

Added Mowbray: “Why do I speak to the press? Really to talk to our fans – that's the only reason that I talk to the media.

“If it was down to me solely, I would probably end up doing all our media stuff to our supporters through mediums like yourself [Channel 67] and Celtic View [the club's official magazine].

“Maybe there's a proportion of our fans who don't have access to Channel 67 or have the opportunity to buy the View, and their only knowledge of Celtic Football Club is through the daily newspapers. That's, in my mind, why I give the courtesy to talk to the newspapers.”

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