Reporting Scotland Set Scottish Parliament Challenge

Is the BBC Scotland news flagship, Reporting Scotland, really failing to fully report the Scottish Parliament? One regular commentator on Scottish politics, current affairs and the media thinks 'Yes'.

Writing today about that ‘old chestnut’, the ‘Scottish Six’ news concept (where, instead of the London-based BBC News at six o’clock, Scottish viewers got Reporting Scotland with an UK and international brief as well as a Scottish one) blogger, Duncan Stephen, writes: “Perhaps the most lamentable thing about Reporting Scotland is not so much the quality of the programme, which I think is not too bad. The main problem is the fact that I couldn’t honestly tell you that today’s Reporting Scotland was all that different to the programme that existed before devolution.

“It is still presented as a local news programme; a disposable appendix of the Six.

“This adds to the perception that the Scottish media has, counter-intuitively, withered in the devolution era. Faced with more news to report in the form of a devolved Parliament, Scotland’s media has in fact failed to step up to the plate and is, by most accounts, weaker than it has ever been.

“Unlike the newspapers, Reporting Scotland is funded by the license fee. So it doesn’t feel the pinch in quite the same way as commercial outlets. Maybe there is an opportunity for BBC Scotland to fill the gap that is being left by Scotland’s media by going ahead and launching the Scottish Six.”

Read the full article here.

Comment: I was rather surprised to see the internet bloggings of a telly anorak on Reporting Scotland as a headline story on allmediascotland. 'Dr Vee' is entitled to his views, of course. Some of them are certainly interesting talking points and, importantly, he clearly cares about the media. However, I don’t particularly like it when a young telly anorak simply gets to dismiss the programme as an “appendix to the six” when he isn't blogging about whether or not he likes the new stv logo. Everyone who watches Reporting Scotland can have an opinion… but why do his views matter more than those of any other viewer writing to Points of View or ringing the BBC duty office? And judging by how Dr Vee descibes himself, aged 22, he's probably too young to have an informed opinion on what Reporting Scotland was like pre-devolution. Maybe he'd like my views on Rep Scot in the days of Mary Marquis – it went right downhill after Fanfare for the Common Man was dropped and the design of the name captions at the bottom of the screen was rubbish. TV Insider.

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