More Misery for STV?

Yesterday, it was The Herald; today, it's the turn of the Scottish Sun tohave a dig at STV and its controversial decision to opt out of various programmes being shown on the ITV1 network, usually for a locally-made production.

On Sunday, instead of screening a new Miss Marple mystery, STV opted for a movie, Blue Crush. And it was royally crushed in the ratings, with just 5.9 per cent of its available audience tuning in. And it was not much better during the rest of the evening, either.

The Sun asks: Have STV Lost Their Marples? It quotes a STV spokeswoman saying: “STV is Scotland's biggest media brand with more than three million viewers per week, and we remain Scotland's most popular peak-time broadcaster.”

Yesterday, The Herald reported a 12 per cent drop in ratings in the past year: here. Read the Sun report, here.

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